The First Date Prophecy

For two talented romantic misfits who’ve been looking for love for so long, a prophecy from a psychic could be just another disastrous-first-date anecdote—or it could be the beginning of a love story for the ages . . .

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Brooklyn-based aspiring writer Lucy Minninger has no trouble putting the comedy in her rom-coms. It’s the romance part of the equation that’s the problem. But even as the rejection slips pile up, and her second dates dwindle, Lucy refuses to give up hope—or her HeartThrobs™ dating profile . . .

Former child star Rudy Riziero made his mark on some of the most popular kids shows of the ՚90s. But that early success has pigeonholed him into a stand-up routine riffing on his past work, while the slick single life he envisioned was clearly a fantasy. He’s actually ready for a relationship, if he could just find someone uninterested in who he used to be . . .

When Lucy and Rudy match online, they’re eager to meet. But after their first date ends in a psychic’s prophecy that is equal parts great fortune and certain doom, their flirty quips end and their search for answers to some of life’s big questions begins: Is there really one person for everyone? Do destinies really intertwine? Where can you find the best tacos in Brooklyn?

And when it matters most, will they throw caution—and fate—to the wind, trust their instincts—and write their own futures?

A dynamic ‘he said, she said’ of the current dating scene that will keep you entertained to the last page.

Melissa Joan Hart

As funny and charming as Kate and Danny are in real life, which says a lot.

Lane Moore, author of You Will Find Your People: How To Make Meaningful Friends As An Adult, and How To Be Alone

A luminous, hilarious romance that is both equal parts magical and a heartwarming reminder that when it comes to love, we make our own fate.

Ashley Herring Blake, author of Delilah Green Doesn’t Care

The First Date Prophecy is a gorgeous, inspiring, and hilarious tale that also somehow manages to incorporate all of my favorite snacks and beverages. Perhaps more importantly, it made me believe in love and Brooklyn again. There—I said it. If Kate and Danny don’t write another book together immediately, I will be completely enraged.

Dave Hill, comedian and author of Parking the Moose

The First Date Prophecy is a joyous, nostalgic rom-com romp in which the authors’ love for each other dazzles through. We’re delighted we had the excellent fortune of enjoying this iconic read!

Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka, authors of Do I Know You? and The Roughest Draft

Lots of rom-com stories are heavy on the rom and light on the com. This one brings the COM! It also provided for many excellent squeals of delight as I rooted for the heroes. Unputdownable! I took it with me everywhere until I finished.

Marguerite Moreau, actress, Wet Hot American Summer and The Mighty Ducks

Romance, comedy, tacos, psychics, life, death, and love—The First Date Prophecy has it all. A beautiful, fun, and complex love story told by a beautiful, fun, and complex couple.

Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon, co-authors ofThe Big Sick